What is Syndication?

Seed Money for Startups

The Smart Syndicate


Combining resources in capital access and C-level services allows Undiscovered Ventures to leverage its trusted network of investors, mentors, and service providers to raise capital for deals in pre-seed, seed, A-round stages, and beyond in an efficient and effective novel investment vehicle. 

Using a syndication model, UV leads the identifying and vetting of prospective investible companies to investors, formulating the structure and terms of the investment, serving as a beneficial intermediary between the syndicate investors and the company. UV manages the syndicate through the life of the investment(s), including governance, reporting, distribution, divestiture, etc. This approach seeks the best outcomes for the investment for both investor and invested company. 

The Smart Syndication is a portfolio of syndicated investments using a consistent, rigorous model of applying deep experience, diligence, and de- risking measures. 

The Right Approach

This cost-effective, efficient approach allows institutions to access a pool of curated startups that is in compliance with most institutional investment guidelines.

The Objective

The goal of this approach is to increase the efficiency of the investment in seed stage companies for both the investors and the founders; reducing investment risk and time wasted on fundraising.