The Undiscovered Ventures VASI Program

Undiscovered Ventures was created to bring institutional capital to seed and early stage investing through its Micro M&A Innovation program. 

The Undiscovered Ventures VASI Program

Venture, Acquisition & Social Impact

Over 85% of our clients have Venture, Social Impact, and M&A Programs.

Quite often these programs are:

 - Not Integrated

 - Not innovative

 - Underperforming

 - Expensive

Undiscovered Ventures’ unique approach to due diligence and portfolio management gives our portfolios a more well-rounded and diverse group of founders, leading to better results. According to several peer-reviewed studies, culturally diverse startups boast:

 - Enhanced Creativity

 - Greater Corporate Intelligence

 - Strong, Sustained Social Impact

 - More Robust and Sustainable Financial Growth

The VASI program has benefits to the investors beyond the upside potential associated with venture capital. Resulting from the targeted, customized approach taken during the portfolio construction phase, the Undiscovered Ventures VASI program is created specifically for each investment client based on their goals, time horizon, and existing assets.

We further take into consideration any desired social impact the client feels strongly about.