Selection Process

Universe Search

Using our extensive database, Undiscovered Ventures searches for active accelerators across the globe. We look for both quality and quantity of graduating companies.

Detailed Analysis

After creating the universe of possible accelerators, we sort them by industry, geography, size, founder diversity, education methodology, tenure, etc. We then create a report on each entity. 

Investment Policy Committee Ranking

The centers that pass the research phase are ranked using a variety of criteria and rules set by the UV Investment Policy Committee. 

Investment Portfolio Modeling

The portfolio's capital deployment is optimized based on the average number of graduates, the historical batting average, the size of the investment needed, and the current risk exposure of the UV Syndicates.

Capital Deployment

Capital is deployed to the companies directly and is managed as any other investment made into a company would be. We validate use of funds, oversee capital spent, and proactively manage to pre-set metrics.

Ecosystem of Support

UV does not run blind pools so that investors can see the investments, and reach out if they are able to create meaningful relationships for the companies. Additionally the companies have access to the UV Network for the life of the syndicate.