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Our name comes from the Blue Ocean Strategy, which touts the simultaneous pursuit of high differentiation and low cost; to open up new markets and create new, inelastic demand. We create integration programs for disruptive technology so that our clients may discover new markets, processes, and products.


The vision for Undiscovered Ventures came out of a realization that the traditional venture capital model is flawed with respect to the adoption of new technologies. After three years of testing and reworking the corporate venture capital model, Undiscovered Ventures has created a proven system that lets corporate innovation programs access seed, growth, and early stage technology that has been proven to be viable, feasible, and desirable. 


In a fee-driven world, fundraisers, marketers, and bankers have been the winners, while corporate innovation and progress have suffered.

Moreover, acquisitions, innovations, and social impact have been largely thought of as separate programs thereby missing the benefits obtained through the exploitation of synergies and economies of scale between these three vital components of the business world.

Undiscovered Ventures merges these programs into a demand-driven innovation program that first and foremost focuses on the mutual benefit of the key stakeholders, creating move value for corporate venture capital programs, the startup, and the society they serve.