Undiscovered Ventures

Seed stage access for institutional investors.

Our History

Our Name

Our name comes from the Blue Ocean Strategy, which is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost; to open up new markets and create new, inelastic demand.

Instead of getting into fierce competition, we help our companies discover new markets, processes, and products to allow them to create their own categories and a demand that is not influenced by price.

Our Journey

The vision for Undiscovered Ventures came out of a realization that the traditional venture capital model is broken, leaving investors and entrepreneurs out in the cold. After three years of testing and reworking the investment model, Undiscovered Ventures has created a proven system that lets institutional investors access seed stage growth potential for the first time. 

Our Team

Undiscovered Ventures is a collection of professionals who are leaders in their fields; including politics, science, market research, psychology, finance, and industrial design. The team is bound by a single passion to create a process that makes seed stage investment a viable option for institutional investors.

Our Values

Undiscovered Ventures does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or meanness of any kind. We celebrate the diversity of our teams and founders, and invest based on the merits of the business concept; race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or age do not factor in to our hiring or investment decisions. 

We work with governments, companies, and individuals worldwide, and especially in emerging countries. As such, we take every step possible to ensure that we only use vendors and have stakeholders who are compliant with the Modern Slavery Act of 2015.